About Us


12289562_1018144284894011_4595721120733240766_n (1)Mulligan’s Bourbon was developed by the Rauschenbach family, proud owners of Mulligan’s Grill, a restaurant located in suburban St Louis.  Opening in 1993, Mulligan’s Grill was built around a theme and menu that was creatively tied to the game of golf. At the foundation of the restaurant’s brand strategy is realizing the value of consistency, quality and service. These three brand pillars have led to their success today… and have guided the creation of Mulligan’s Bourbon. It took two years of research and development working with a large well-known distillery before deciding on the ingredients, taste and character of the final product — which is a true Small Batch Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey.

Diners at Mulligan’s Grill would continually ask “Where can I buy this?” —   In 2014, we decided to go with an established distributor and our sales in Missouri soared.  In 2015, we responded to our out-of-town customers requests —“Are you in Illinois?”, “Can I get this in Florida?” — the answer was a resounding “Yes!”. So slowly, surely and steadily, we are growing without compromising on any of the things that got us where we are today.

Mulligan’s Bourbon is now available in eight markets.